book your seat!



The band’s first set starts at 5:30pm


⬩Dinner and a Show⬩


The band’s second set starts at 7:30PM



The band’s third set starts at 9:30PM

Please refer to our Events calendar to line up your reservation with one of our upcoming shows.

Don’t miss the show!

Book your reservation for 5:00PM,  7:00PM or 9:15PM

If you’d like to stay for the full show, make sure to book two reservations.

Cover charge will apply for all shows.


The cover is set by the musicians, it is added to your bill, and they take home 100% of it

There is a cover per set, so if you stay for two sets, two covers will be added to your bill.

Seatings & Bookings

If you wish to stay for multiple sets, please book multiple seatings.

Booking a seating time will guarantee you a seat for the corresponding time.

Please call ahead if you need our ramp to enter the lounge.

All bookings have a 15-minute grace period. Please informs us if you are going to be late.

Your table will usually be booked for a party after you.

The Lounge

We are a restaurant that hosts music, rather thana music venue that serves food. As a small business we rely on all guests to purchase food and drink.

There are no age restrictions, but live music can be loud for guests with sensitive hearing.

We do not have a dress code for the lounge per se, but please dress as you would for an upscale scotch and jazz restaurant. 

There is plenty of free parking on our surrounding side streets.

Let’s be kind and respectful towards one another. Some guests will be in the lounge for the food and drink menu; some attend for the live music.

We are a cashless lounge.